Adopt 7 Safety Tips before Hiring Taxi Amidst Covid-19

Safety Tips Before Hire Taxi in UK

The world is presently facing the crisis due to the novel corona-virus. The virus has brought a catastrophic death flow all around the world. Despite worldwide lockdown, the virus couldn’t be completely controlled.

However, there is a hefty rate of depletion in the outspread lately. All credit goes to the health organizations that have created immediate awareness and saved many lives.

To bring the lives back to normal, the organizations dealing in health and security are issuing various preventive measures. The objective is to help local authorities in keeping society safe and away from danger.


Businesses are under blackout with an absolute halt in the public transportation system. If we look at the parameter of the outspread then the most concerned area after lifting the lockdown will be transportation. 

Commuting on public transport would be perilous and thus the next best option would be to hire a taxi. It is highly recommended to follow hire taxi safety tips before hopping on a private hire taxi. The hire taxi tips would help you in staying away from the chances of getting infected. 


We at LynkCity have responsible drivers who prioritise passengers’ safety before anything else. 

Preventative Measures taken up by LynkCity:

  • Regular post on how to avoid being infected

Due to the high possibility of spreading the virus, there are some safety measures taken up by LynkCity. Over the period, LynkCity has regularly posted on the awareness of the virus and advised on ways to keep safe. It is to our understanding that the basic norms of the advice issued have been followed. If there are no demarcating glass of plastic between Driver and Passenger, it is advised that Drivers wear Mask. 


  • Advising for not touching surfaces 

It is practically not possible for passengers or drivers for not touching the surfaces while travelling. However, wearing gloves could keep one away from the trouble. And, the other way suggested is washing/sanitizing hands at regular intervals.  


  • Wearing Masks 

 The call of the moment is self-protection. The world is facing a serious crisis and thus carrying masks while stepping out is advisable for all. 


  • Control in the boarding passengers

As directed by medical institutions, social distancing is rigidly followed. However, a car is smaller in size and wouldn’t fit as per the norm of social distancing. Thus, the customers who have opted for taxis are instructed to hop on the back seat and avoid physical contact. 

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LynkCity, a booming taxi company, has taken these preventive steps during the high alert period. However, the best call at the moment is awareness and protection. There are several instructions listed by various medical institutions which are just a click away on the web. 


Well, alongside, we would like to mention seven ways that passengers can adapt and avoid the chance of getting infected. The same would keep the driver protected from the same. 

  1. Before stepping out of the house make sure you are carrying a sanitizer along with spare keys and wallet. Also, carry gloves and a mask every time stepping outside the house.
  2. If travelling with a company, make sure to take the back seat in the taxi. The same would keep the drivers and customers protected. We would suggest travelling in small numbers the same will make sure that social distancing is not compromised.
  3. While boarding the taxi, be mindful and keep your mask and gloves on.
  4. Try to travel light and postpone unimportant hovering. The less you step out, the more you are safe.  
  5. Making online/ card payment would lessen the chance of exchanging anything that might carry the virus. 
  6. Lastly, before deboarding the cab make sure you practice the safe distancing or wear your mask if you have one.
  7. Repeat the exercise every time you step out of the house.


LynkCity taxi services aim to provide safe, quick and easy travel to the customers. The current situation of the world is alarming. Any careless step can lead to a fatal row of incidents. However, by adhering to the preventive measure together we, LynkCity and customers can create a healthy ecosystem for the coming generation.


The taxi services provided in LynkCity is categorized in Sedan, MPV, Black Taxi, Wheelchair Taxi. As stated above, the drivers are responsible and thus they follow directives issued by authorities from preventing novel coronavirus very seriously. For Wheelchair Taxi, the drivers would always be seen wearing gloves and masks whether during boarding or deboarding.


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The taxi fares are kept minimum with no hidden charges for any extra service. For airport taxis, the rules are the same. The customer care representatives are always available. The report against the driver or any feedback regarding the services is taken seriously.

Novel Coronavirus has established itself well in the lives of the people. However, we are willing to fight the same by adding a few habits in our daily routine. The medical institutions are in a continuous process of coming up with a constructive way to fight and till then we have to be the fighters for ourselves. 


If looking for a LynkCity taxi, you can download the app on mobile phones. For iOS users, LynkCity app is available on the Apple App Store. For the android users, it is available in the Google Play Store.


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