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Thank you for choosing to grow our community. This LynkCity Referral Policy (“Referral Policy”) describes the terms and conditions that govern your participation in the referral program organized by LynkSolutions LTD (herein as “LynkCity”) in relation to the car-hailing and car hire marketplace services provided via its website (“Site”) and mobile application (“App”). 

Any registered member can participate in the referral program regardless of the type of account you operate (whether a rider or driver account). You are entitled to a referral reward if someone registers and book a ride or hire a car via our services. 

This Referral Policy is in addition to other agreements and policies provided by LynkCity on the Site and App, including our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Please, read these documents and agree to them. 

By using the referral code assigned to you when you opt-in to participate in this referral program, you hereby agree to be bound by the terms and conditions and rules in this Referral Policy. 



To be eligible as a referrer under this referral program, you must (i) already be a user and own a LynkCity account, (ii) be a legal resident of the applicable country of location, and (iii) be at least 18 years of age and be able to form an agreement. An existing user on our services can be any user regardless of the type of account they run, whether a rider, driver or car rental provider. 

For your referee to be eligible, they must (i) not already own a LynkCity account or previously terminated from using our services, (ii) be someone you are familiar with, such as a family, friend, or colleague, (iii) not be in violation of our Terms and Conditions, (iv) complete the actions required by LynkCity in relation to the referral program (for example, book a ride), and (v) sign up with your referral code.  

Please, note that if someone has signed up through a referral code once, the reward will not count if they sign up again with your referral code. They will automatically be void upon signing up with a referral code. 



The referral code is the alphanumeric code provided to referrers to distribute to individuals who are eligible to use our services. The referral code will be generated automatically and made available to you via your user account area. You also may be provided with the opportunity to create referral codes with certain limits. LynkCity retains all the right to any referral code created through our services, including any referral code generated by you. We reserve the right to reclaim, deactivate, void, or terminate your referral code at any time at our discretion. 

The referral program is to reward you for using our services; however, your referral code must not be used for any commercial endeavors. You must not share referral codes with people you are not familiar with. You may not:

  1. Display, duplicate, transfer, or sell your referral code in any way that makes it available to people you do not know, including on public domains, marketplaces, job adverts, Ponzi schemes, and on various groups or channels;
  2. Get referees through spamming or unsolicited email or via messages to random email addresses and phone numbers. You may only send these messages to people you know;
  3. Attempt to get referees by altering or using our trademarks, such as our logo and copyrighted works;
  4. Distribute, post, advertise, or share your referral codes via any bot or other automated systems on any website, channel, or social media pages;
  5. Misrepresent the referral program to any referee in order to trick them into signing up via your referral code; or
  6. Use your referral code in any manner that goes against this Referral Policy or any applicable law. 



Provided that you are eligible to participate in our referral program and you meet the above requirements, you will earn a referral reward if you refer another user (such as a driver or rider). The referral reward can only be earned from referrals made in the same country of residence. For every user that registers through your referral code, you will earn a referral reward of 0.1% of their purchase. The referral rewards shall be available to you upon the referee signing up with your referral code and completing the action required in relation to the referral program (if applicable). 

Your referral reward is valid for 30 days from the date the referral reward is earned. All referral rewards must be withdrawn within 30 days or they will automatically become void or invalid. 



We, at our discretion, reserves the right to discontinue, change, pause, suspend, or limit (in whole or part) the referral program, as well as restrict your participation at any time without liability. We may terminate your use or participation, including freezing any unpaid referral rewards if we believe or suspect you to be in violation of this Referral Policy or any of our agreements and policies. If we terminate your participation in this referral program, you are prohibited from re-enrolling. 



LynkCity reserves the right to update and change this Referral Policy at any time, including setting limits and changing the applicable referral reward. Any and all updates and changes to this Referral Policy or the referral program will be effective upon changing the Effective Date above. Your continued participation in this referral program after any updates or changes to this Referral Policy constitutes your consent to such changes. 



If you have any questions or complaints regarding this Referral Policy or the referral program, please reach out to us via

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