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Frequently Asked Questions with LynkCity

We are a service provider. We facilitate travellers with vehicles and drivers to transport to or from required locations within the United Kingdom. We offer the most economical ride-hailing services. Here, drivers also get a high opportunity of earning.

LynkCity is available with a similar name on Google Play Store and Apple Store.

For booking a taxi, one has to first download the app. After downloading > Sign-up > Enter Pickup and Station Approach > Select Ride > Click on Request a cab.

The ride-hailing services of LynkCity are currently available in Milton Keynes, Norwich, Essex, Kent, and Northern Ireland. Also, submit your request in the contact form for LynkCity in your City.

LynkCity provides to and from Milton Keynes, Norwich, Essex, Kent, and Northern Ireland airports. Simple download the App for On-demand access to the nearest Taxi to you.

LynkCity only uses Security cleared, and govt approved Drivers with good local knowledge. Empowering our Local business is key.

Follow the pictorial steps on how it works.

Register your Bank card to your LynkCity account and payment would be taken automatically, Only when you book a Taxi.

Please refrain from paying cash, and Transaction is only via the LynkCity Taxi app.

Currently available in the UK. Sign up as a subscriber and you will be notified as soon as LynkCity becomes available outside of the UK.

Yes, You can catch a Taxi from outside London to London.

LynkCity is available in the city of London and outside of the London city zones.

LynkCity works on both Android and iOS smartphones.

The base fare charged by LynkCity is£2.00.

LynkCity is a very economical ride-hailing service. The cost of one ride would be the sum of the base fare is about £2.00 and distance travelled.

You can see Driver Info on the travel history/receipt in you account.

The safety instructions directed by local authorities are strictly followed by the drivers. Also, the drivers driving the taxis are appointed after a thorough background check by the Local Authorities.

For registration as a driver installing the LynkCity App> Sign up for a fresh account > Fill up the form with the required information and upload a picture > Add a vehicle and fill the required details > Registration complete.

Any Licenced Taxi owner can register with LynkCity, and If you are looking to become a Taxi Driver Inside London, please follow this link, and for outside London, please follow this link.

Free, LynkCity App doesn’t ask for any signup amount for passengers or drivers.

No special training, however, You need to have gone through necessary requirements as required by your Local Authority. For Inside London, please follow this link, and for outside London, please follow this link.

LynkCity will email you the status update of your application. The verification process takes 48 hours to complete.

We provide ride-hailing services at LynkCity. There are multiple options for rides like sedan, wheelchair, etc.

LynkCity is active in Milton Keynes, Norwich, Essex, Kent, and Northern Ireland.

LynkCity is available for outstation rides in Milton Keynes, Norwich, Essex, Kent, and Northern Ireland.

Airports rides are available in Milton Keynes, Norwich, Essex, Kent, and Northern Ireland.

We have four seaters, six seaters, and wheelchair taxi in LynkCity.

LynkCity accepts only online transactions for payment.

We are Price Per Car services.

Yes, we are available 24×7 for services.

Yes, we can offer child seats with additional charges.

We wish to play fair and entertain all kinds of grievances at earliest. To report a complaint, you can reach us at

For feedback and suggestions, find us at

Once the ride is complete and payment has been made, you can view your receipt on the app.

General Licensing Information & Document Requirements

It is the licence that is required to drive a licensed vehicle. It is issued by the local city council in the form of a paper and a badge.

Taxi vehicle license is a permission that is needed when one wants to turn a private car into a taxi or private hire vehicle (PHV).

To apply for a driver licence visit here.

To apply for a taxi vehicle licence visit here.

For renewal of an already existing driver’s license, visit here.

For renewal of current taxi vehicle license visit here to renew an existing driving licence.

If you have a dual licence the vehicle you select must be similar to your vehicle licence.

The original documents should be photographed for uploading in an online application.

A plastic form of DVLA driving licence is a pink photo card. The card displays a full UK driving licence as part of the driver registration with LynkCity. The licences are an older format and are usually still accepted until renewed and replaced.

LynkCity Policies

The in-trip driving time starts from the moment the trip gets accepted until the trip finishes.

If you accumulate the driving time from the start of a shift then after 8 hours, it is highly recommended to take a break. This way you keep your and passenger’s safety at check. A small effort will help you improve professionally.

With every cancellation from riders’ end you earn money as a part of the cancellation fee. According to the ride cancellation policy:

  1. If you are on the way to the pickup location and cancellation takes place after three mins, then you’ll get the fee.
  2. After accepting the ride, while heading towards the pick-up point if the time of estimated arrival time remains indifferent for more than 5 minutes.
  3. Alternatively: If the rider cancels after you have arrived at the pickup location -You arrived not more than 5 minutes after the estimated arrival time shown on your app at the time of acceptance. When you cancel, you get a cancellation fee if: -You arrived at the pickup location no more than 5 minutes after the estimated time of arrival shown on your app when you accepted the booking -You waited for at least 5 min after tapping the ‘Reached Pickup’ button once you had reached the pickup location after (indicated by the countdown timer within the app) the cancellation fee will apply.

A clean car would always help you garner more passengers and consequently more income. However, there is a high possibility that the passengers travelling can leave litter behind. In such cashes, cleaning the car before every ride is highly recommended. The best way to keep the car clean is to instruct the passengers to collect the litter before deboarding.

After the rider has chosen the car type private hire vehicle four or six seaters, the app will allocate rides to drivers accordingly removing any human bias.

The personal information of the driver is protected and comes under the head of privacy policy.

The user of LynkCity must be over 18 years old. LynkCity does not permit those under the age of 18 years old to sign up for an account or to utilize this Application independently of their parent or guardian.

Payments, Offers and Incentives

LynkCity works on a pay as you go model. It offers services at a very competitive commission rate of 15%. Ola does not charge any fixed rental or fee.

Launch offers to depend on occasions and vary per city. Drivers are accordingly informed of any launch offers as and when registered.

LynkCity likes to be fair, so,  at the end of a working day all the earnings of the drivers gets transferred to the nominated account on the next business day.

LynkCity Help

For feedback and suggestions, find us at

Kemp House, 152 – 160 City Rd, London EC1V 2NX, United Kingdom.

For direction please visit here.

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