Quickest access to Safe Taxis in you local community.


Lynking Suburban communities through on-demand transportation. safe, quick and easy.

LynkCity Services

LynkCity comes with modern solution for hailing a Taxi.


Real-Time Tracking

Tracking and reporting real-time means that you have eyes at all points where your Taxi is and how long before it gets to you.

Rate Drivers

You have a chance to rate and give feedback on a Driver after drop off. It is our priority to make sure our local drivers maintain high standards.

easy access to the nearest TAXI

You can access the nearest Taxi to your location at the click of a button. You would have access to more than one Taxi within your locality.

In-App Payment

With an easy and convenient In App payment, physical cash exchange is not required, all the driver does is pick you up and drop you at your destination

Social Login

You can login using your Facebook login details.

LynkCity Taxi Booking App

Are you a Hackney Carriage Registered Driver?

Download the LynkCity App now. Please have pictures of your Driving Licence and Taxi Licence Badge ready on your phone. Registration is completed using your phone. Register today and start receiving customers.

Accept work close to you

You will start receiving Taxi request in your registered region as soon as your registration is confirmed.

Quick Access to customer close to you

You will get request from the nearest Customer to your Location. Easiest access to more than one potential customers within and your locality.

Get paid quick and easy

Your money will be paid directly into your bank account.

Manage your work

You are your own boss, work when you want and for how long you want.

LynkCity Taxi Booking App

Register and earn with your car

Become a Taxi driver on the highest earning platform!

Download the App

Be OnPoint, Be OnTime. Lynk a Ride now.

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LynkCity Driver App

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